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PT Visi Vertikal Alliansi

General Trading Contractor

PT Visi Vertikal Alliansi Esablish since February 22, 2001 at Batam Island. We provided Engineering Solution for most of Manufacturing Company at Batam Island. Since the company project is growth up, we expand our company into a large scope area, due on the customer demand we also provide solution for the Shipyard Company, Oil and Gas Company and Power Plant. We are very pleased to cooperate with new customer and support them in any kind of services. Dedicated professional and friendly staff will assist our customer from listening, discussion, design and planning, submitting proposal as per their requirement. We hope we can contribute our services to support you and your company in near future. Adopting Customer standard to build and maintain good relationship & culture for comfort environment is our mission.

We here to help you when you need provided Engineering Solution

“Weare proud to assure our valued customer / clients that behind every contract liaises our company’s full commitment for high quality work, efficient in time of competion, to search for more extensive partnership in business.”

Certificates & Legality



Our company documents and legality are very complete in order to increase our prospective clients later and we really maintain our relationship well with our loyal clients

Akta Pendirian Perusahaan

Created and ratified by a notary, the deed of establishment of a company is the main document that is the first step in establishing a business entity or company.


This document must be owned by companies engaged in trade and services. SIUP is issued by the local government as a sign of licensing for entrepreneurs to conduct their business.


Another company legal document that is no less important is the Industrial Business License. Entrepreneurs or companies that have capital in the range of 5 to 200 million rupiah are required to have SIUI as a form of fulfilling business legality files.


As the name suggests, a Company Registration Certificate is a document that is proof that your company has been registered. However, please note that this document is only required for legal entities such as PT, CV, or Firm.

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